Water Softener

     Soft water is water that has been filtered to remove all hardness. The hardness is a substance such as Ca, Mg mixed in water. The water with high hardness (hardness) will result in limestone or slag in the machine, such as Boiler. This type of water is often water based on minerals such as Groundwater that has washed various minerals underground. The observation point is When we wash soap If we use water that has high hardness, the soap will have less foam. And easy to wash off On the other hand Water with low hardness will have a lot of bubbles and is harder to wash off the soap.

     Water softener system In order to produce soft water, before entering softener, we have to get rid of turbidity by using sedimentation systems or sand filters. Depending on the raw water condition Next, in the process of making softener, we use filter with Cation resin filter. When the water passes through the filter The filter will hold the hardness in the water until the filter is saturated. When the filter is saturated in the wash to restore the filter Will use brine to soak the filter material In order for the filter to return to work as before