ECONOWATT’s MBDAF® (Micro Bubble Dissolved Air Flotation) system is an automatic and effectively reduce oil and grease that is soluble by more than 90%.

     General oil and grease removal, such as grease trap tank, is a device for extracting fat from water but it can extract floating oil on the water surface only. It is not possible to get rid of oil and fat in soluble form, called emulsion, when the waste water enters the next wastewater treatment system, such as aeration system. Soluble oil will adhere to the microbial sediment and the microbes being unable to receive oxygen from the aerators, so decomposition of waste from effluent is reduced and caused high suspended sediment. The effluent water quality finally failed to meet the regulations. When this suspended sediment is accumulated in the wastewater tank, it also produces hydrogen sulfide gas, very poisonous, corrosive and flammable, the wastewater treatment area smells foul odor of rotten eggs.

ECONOWATT's MBDAF skimmer system

Compare Oil & Grease wastewater before and after using ECONOWATT’s MBDAF® system


is considered as an innovation product. It has been registered in the Thai Innovation Accounts by the Bureau of Budget and has different capabilities from other systems such as

   1. Eliminate up to 90% of Oil & Grease
   2. Get rid of up to 70% of suspended solids (SS)
   3. Reduce BOD and COD in insoluble form by up to 50%
   4. Increase oxygen in the water Increase the efficiency of microbial systems
   5. Automatic control, also known as Smart Water Treatment System, does not require staff to adjust the water valve. Reducing personnel to treat wastewater systems
   6. Equipped with 4G monitoring system to check the operation of the MBDAF® and water quality, reducing time and maintenance costs. Allowing users to check the machine’s performance and water quality in real-time at any time on the mobile phone