Thai Energy Conservation Co., LTD is a leading manufacturer and provider of energy saving solutions and water treatment in Thailand, founded in 1994. The company was expanded from the original magnetic ballast factory in Bangkok which was established since 1970.
Currently the manufacturing plant is located in Suphan Buri while the sales office is situated in Bangkok. Over the years, the company has served as the energy and water solution provider to many building and factories in Thailand. With a variety of cutting edge products and proven installations such as chiller system, RO water system, recycle water and wastewater treatment system. The company has always been an excellent choice for all kinds of energy saving and water treatment solutions.
     Thai Energy Conservation has obtained both the ISO 9001 and 14001 certification gaining customer’s trust and positioning itself as a provider of quality products and services. It offers not only energy saving solutions or water treatment but also promote an environmentally sound society. It is also producing products in accordance with the international IECEE CB Scheme and European norms particularly on the prevention of wastes and the re-use, recycling and safe disposal of hazardous material, device or equipment.
     The company had been achieve many awards and rewards from renown institute such as the Business Ethics Award from Thai Chamber of Commerce, Corporate Governance form the National Anti-Corruption Commission, 6 consecutive years of excellent ESCO award from the Federation of Thai Industries and 2 consecutive years of Prime minister’s Industrial Award from the ministries of industries.


The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2018

The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2019

THAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Business Ethice Standard Test Awards

Excellent ESCO Award 2011

Excellent ESCO Award 2012

Excellent ESCO Award 2014

Excellent ESCO Award 2015

Excellent ESCO Award 2016

Excellent ESCO Award 2018

NACC Integrity Awards