Condenser Water

     Condenser Water Condenser coolant treatment using the high efficiency ozone system ECONOWATT prevents the bio film (which is the cause of scale deposits in the condenser tube). In addition to causing the scale slag to disintegrate and come off, it can prevent the formation of new scale in all pipe lines. Resulting in energy savings in the electric bill resulting from blockage of condenser pipes in all water chiller units Moreover, the ozone eco-ozone system is also recognized as an environmentally friendly product and perfectly protects against harmful germs for health. Which can cancel all chemicals Discontinue use of the softener water system, use tap water to fill directly into the cooling tower and destroy Legionella in the cooling tower, which is the cause of the respiratory system, may cause lung disease. Mountable (Legionnaire Disease)

     Using the ECONOWATT ozone system for water treatment, the condenser has a disinfecting ability more than 3,000 times more than chlorine. Ozone gas can be mixed in water up to 80%, save bleed off water from cooling tower 50%, save more electricity from the system. 33% less ozone in general, takes 2.8 times less space, 50% less weight, and more importantly, easy to install. 90% of the pipes are from the old ozone system and the 4G Monitoring system checks the ozone machine. Of water quality Allowing users to check the machine’s performance and water quality in real-time at any time on the mobile phone

     ECONOWATT’s ozone system is considered an innovation of Thai people. Which has been registered in the Thai Innovation Account by the Bureau of the Budget