Smart RO system for energyergy conservation is to increase the quality of water fed to the boiler with ECONOWATT’s Smart RO (Reverse Osmosis) to save fuel and water. Blow down can create value within 1 year, with the 4G Monitoring system to check the quality and quantity. Using water all the time Users can check the real-time water supply system as needed on the smartphone.

     Smart RO systems are extremely important for the boiler operation. Because the radiator must work continuously for a long time under high pressure and temperature conditions Therefore, the boiler water supply must be prepared to be of good quality. For the efficient operation of the steam system And taking into consideration the working life of the radiator It also helps to reduce energy consumption in steam production.

ECONOWATT's Seawater RO System

To solve drought problem in long lost island that far away from mainland which is no surface water and need fresh water for consumption.

A far away household water treatment system can be used to fulfill that demand, providing consumers with healthy clean water they can trust, right from their own tap.


     Smart RO system is designed to be used to increase feed quality. Due to the main cause is the soft water that has passed the hardness filter Even though the harshness is gone, becomes soft water But the total solution value (Total Dissolved Solid: TDS) is still high This will cause problems such as foaming and carry over of steam produced. If there is not sufficient blow down, the blow down water will also take the heat out. Causing a lot of heat loss By reducing the amount of hot water that has been blown down, fuel consumption can be reduced.

     In addition, the use of ECONOWATT’s Smart RO system to increase the quality of feed water also leads to many economies, which can reduce the amount of chemicals added to raw water, reduce the blow down rate, reduce the damage of the boiler system from erode And also helps to reduce administrative costs as well. ECONOWATT’s SMART RO system will alert Online malfunctions all the time. We can send a team of expert technicians based in all regions throughout the country to inspect the work. Properly servicing and preparing Spare Parts Ensuring that the RO feed water quality optimization system works at full efficiency