High-grade water can be used in many propose such as household and community sector that used for consumption and industrial sectors that used in the production process and the cooling tower but the process to get high-grade water depends on raw water quality.

There are many types of raw water sources to be used. If a raw water source is surface water, it used just general filtration systems. If it is groundwater, brackish water, or some surface water that containing contaminants and minerals over the standard, the general filtration system (sedimentation and sand filter) not able to remove contaminants. So RO system (Reverse Osmosis) is the best system for mineral and pesticide removal. The main technology is a membrane inside the R.O. that can filter small particles that larger than 0.0001 microns. This means the RO system can remove salinity, odor, color, and microorganisms (the smallest size of microorganism = 0.22 micron). RO system also filters chemicals, toxic, and pesticides out of water. It is concluded that the RO system is one of the best performance filters in the present day.

Normally, the water source of tap water treatment plants is underground water and surface water because it was economical and uses simple technology. On the other hand, in drought regions that do not have enough raw water to produce tap water for supply the whole community. They need to discover another water source to produce clean water. Seawater is the biggest water source on earth but it has much salinity and mineral. It needs to use high and expensive technology than a typical system. RO seawater (SWRO) is the RO membrane technology that can purify saltwater to be clean and clear water with no salt deposits left. This technology is suitable for island areas that do not have enough freshwater sources for consumption.

ECONOWATT's Seawater RO System

To solve drought problem in long lost island that far away from mainland which is no surface water and need fresh water for consumption.

A far away household water treatment system can be used to fulfill that demand, providing consumers with healthy clean water they can trust, right from their own tap.

ECONOWATT’s SMART RO system will run automatically with PLC control influent and effluent parameter and collect data to cloud all the time. Automatic cleaning (CIP) When the membrane is clogging. If the system is in critical failure, the system will alert the alarm to expert technician teams based in all regions throughout the country will go to inspect and maintenance in time. Users can see real-time the operation of the machine status on mobile phones online for 24 hours. Ensuring that the RO feed water quality optimization system works at full efficiency.

ECONOWATT's Smart RO for Energy Conservation in Boiler Feed Water

The boiler is the main heating machine in hotels, hospitals, and industrial factories. It is usually running for long period in high pressure and high temperature therefore the critical point of the boiler is the quality of feed water. Due to the water hardness were removed by the water softener, but the total solution value (Total Dissolved Solid: TDS) is still high. If there is not sufficient blowdown, this will cause problems such as foaming and carry-over of steam produced. During blow-down hot steam, water will take the heat out and cause a lot of heat loss in the system.

In addition, the use of ECONOWATT’s Smart RO system to increase the quality of feed water also leads to many economies, which can pay back in 1 year.

  1. reduce the blowdown rate
  2. reduce fuel consumption
  3. save energy consumption 
  4. reduce the damage of the boiler system from corrosion
  5. reduce administrative costs


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