A barnacle is the name given to a living creature that lives by attaching to something that is submerged in the sea. The life cycle of the barnacle during the larvae lives as a plankton. When the adult antelope, it will stay still with various objects such as the ship’s hulls, stones, piles, legs, oil rigs in the middle of the sea, wood chips or objects floating on the water. An adult squirts will create limestone shells to wrap around the body. And use proteins as an important part of attaching oneself to an object The proteins secreted by the barnacle are produced by the bacteria in the barnacle. The important properties of the secreted protein are like glue

Life cycle
The problem of coagulation of the sea barns in the Sea Fire Water Pump results in the pump’s performance to be so low that it doesn’t work. Unable to respond to security at all times Low usage confidence Including Low Reliability / Safety. Need to lift the Remove Overhaul Suction Pump every year (1 million baht / year).
     The application of ozone technology has advantages. In the cost of care is cheaper than lifting the pump. And most importantly, ozone when reacting to eliminate the Barnacle will decompose into oxygen in a short time Not harmful to fish and the environment at sea


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