Soft water is the water that is filtered out of hardness. The hardness is a substance such as Ca, Mg mixed in water. The water with high hardness will result in limestone or slag in the machine such as a boiler. This type of water is often having high minerals such as groundwater that has washed various minerals from underground. The only thing that’s noticed is that when we wash our hands by soap. If we use high-hardness water, the soap will be less foamy and easy to wash off. On the other hand, soft water will have a lot of foaming and harder to wash the soap off.

In drought and arid areas which are no surface water and irrigation for consumption. It is necessary to use water from groundwater sources. Normally, the process is to pump groundwater through sand filtration to filter out large debris and dirt first. Followed by a carbon filter to remove residues and odors. Then pass water through into the water softener system to reduce water hardness.

The water softener treatment process, it is essential to measure turbidity levels before entering the water softener system. Sometimes it needs to filter out particles depending on raw water quality. Then select suitable resin for raw water. The resin type that ECONOWATT use is cation resin. During water passes through the resin, the resin will absorb the hardness out from the water until the resin is saturated. The saturated resin can be regeneration by using brine water and reuse again. ECONOWATT smart softener system can be operated automatically via the PLC control system that why we can guarantee a hardness output parameter and achieve the customer’s target. As well as notify when the regeneration process not complete. Customers also see real-time online monitoring machine status via the internet.

In addition to the smart softener system, ECONOWATT has collaborated with MTEC and invented EHR (Electro Hardness Removal) without chemical usage. EHR has an outstanding property in absorbing minerals in high-temperature water. Which is suitable for water with high calcium and magnesium over the range that the softener system can take. EHR is using the principle of electrolysis by supply current to a metal plate (Anode) to make the reaction. The hardness in the form of Ca2 + Mg2 + is sucked to form crystals on the cathode side, which can easily clean the cathode plate with brittle slag crystals by scraping off. EHR is suitable for cooling tower systems, water cooling systems with temperatures exceeding 35 °C, effluent water with high TDS exceeding the standard, and high hardness recycled water.

Compairing EHR Cathode plate before and after minerals absorbtion.


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