Swimming Pool

     Circulating water in the pool Is to take the water in the pool through the cleaning process And kill germs Before being paid back into the pool by circulating thoroughly
There are 3 systems of water treatment systems in the swimming pool that are currently used.

     1. Chlorine System
Is a cheap germicidal system Chlorine sold in the market is usually in liquid form, granules and powder.Just dissolving in the pool can kill germs, but the pH of the water suitable for the chlorine performance should be between 7.2 – 7.8 if it is High indicates that the water is very alkaline And if the water in the pool has a low pH, which is highly acidic Must add substances or chemicals to neutralize the water.

     2. Salt-Chlorinator System
Safer than conventional chlorine By using a high-performance salt water purifier called Salt-Chlorinator Able to keep the water in the pool as clean as the sea But less salty than sea water Because salt is a natural substance, it is not harmful to health. Also helps to add moisture to the skin as well But the water in the pool will have a little brackish taste
     3. Ozone system

   Ozone system is sterilized by bringing water through the ozone disinfection process. Which is quite effective in killing germs Removes toxins that are contaminated in the water well. No residue in the water And helps to save up to 90% of chemical usage because ozone only kills germs that come with running water Didn’t kill germs that were on the tiles in the pool Therefore must also be used in conjunction with chlorine But use in a smaller amount than usual 80-90%