The water quality of the swimming pool must be maintained at all times because the body of the pool user must be in contact with the water at all times while in the pool. The pool water is contaminated by the external air, dust, sediment, sweat, snot, and saliva from the pool users. As a result, the pool water contains germs and organisms on the surface and submerged in sediment. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the leaves and debris in the pool and the overflow every day. This includes pH monitoring in the water and water treatment system to run efficiently to keep the pool water clean and clear of germs and prevent pool users from being infected.

Swimming pool water treatment using the highly efficient ECONOWATT ozone system can cancel or reduce the amount of chlorine used in the pool by more than 90%, allowing the treated water to have low levels of pesticide-like chemicals in the bathroom. Causing no irritation to the eyes, burning eyes, or causing red eyes and able to kill germs quickly and efficiently 3,125 times more than chlorine. Ozone can decompose from toxic reactions by-products of chlorine, such as Chloramine, which produces a pungent odor and causes irritation to various parts of the body. Ozone does not cause Trihalomethanes (THMs), which are carcinogens.

ECONOWATT high-efficiency ozone system can oxidize organic substances such as phlegm, urine, scurf, and inorganic substances such as hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese which are commonly found in swimming pools. Making the water look clear when passing through the filter system and help to adjust the acid-base balance. In another way, when adding ozone to the water, it will not change the acid-base of the water, which is different from the chlorine that will reduce the pH, so the operator needs to adjust the pH continuously. Therefore, using ozone will save the cost of adding an acid-base solution. In indoor swimming pools, Chlorine gas will evaporate from the water and erode the color and structure of the building. However, ozone gas is produced from widely available oxygen in the air. It will be disintegrated before dispersing into the pool. So, using ozone is not corrosive and no additional chemicals make it economical to use.


ECONOWATT ozone for swimming pool water treatment with real-time 4G monitoring system, whether the system is operating normally or stopped working. In addition, we have a team of experts and technicians in every region of the country for preventative maintenance and correctly prepared spare parts. ECONOWATT ozone water system is considered as an innovative product. It has been registered in the Thai Innovation Accounts by the Bureau of Budget.


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