The currently global climate change situation has long been observed the effects on the water resources which are frequently water level fluctuations and longer periods of drought. At present, in Thailand most of local tap water treatment plant starting from clarifier that uses a large space to increase the sedimentation area, not suitable for place with limited space, and high cost of chemical sedimentation catalyst. Then water will pass through the sand and carbon filtration system to filter out small impurities in the water. After that move to chlorine disinfection system. This chlorination system is dangerous to the authorities who oversee the system because chlorine can evaporate as gases. When it affects the eyes, it may cause irritation, burning eyes and may cause blindness. In addition, when chlorine react with organic matter in the water (Dissolved Organic Carbon or DOC). It will produce Trihalomethanes (THMs) and Haloacetic acid (HAAs) are toxic to the liver and kidneys, destroying the central nervous system, and carcinogens which risk to consumable.

ECONOWATT’s MBDAF ® water treatment system with MIEX® technology

ECONOWATT has seen these problems and has therefore compiled and invented the water supply system with MIEX® together with the MBDAF® system and disinfecting with the ozone system to solve the tap water production problems and to meet the tap water quality standards according to the latest regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO). ECONOWATT’s MBDAF® and Ozone Generator are considered as an innovation product. They have been registered in the Thai Innovation Accounts by the Bureau of Budget and have many different advantages over other systems.

When the MBDAF® system is used with MIEX® technology, the sediment groups that occur after the water quality improvement with the MIEX® system are larger and stronger when compared to the sediment groups that arise from conventional sedimentation. This will reduce the number of solids entering the MBDAF® system, allowing the air to be more exposed to the sediment. Sediment groups float up efficiently which will reduce turbidity and particles in water produced from the MBDAF® system by up to 60% and 95%

Improving water quality together with the use of MIEX® technology will increase the efficiency of eliminate dissolved organic which MIEX® has been designed to eliminate dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from tap water. This makes the mixing system between the use of MIEX® resin and the improvement of water quality before entering the MBDAF® as an alternative way to improve water quality contaminated with hard-to-remove organic substances.

ECONOWATT’s MBDAF ® water treatment system for treating oil contaminated waste water

MBDAF® (Micro Bubble Dissolved Air Flotation) system is used for separating impurities from water. In this process, micro bubbles attached to suspended solid and float them to the water surface. It will also effectively remove oil & grease, suspended solid and chemicals sludge from the water. MBDAF® can removal of suspended solids in water (SS) up to 80%, which the sediment from production is 50% less than conventional tap water treatment. Cancel PAC and polymer by using Alum or PAC  50% less than conventional tap water treatment to accelerate sedimentation and 10 times smaller footprint than conventional tap water treatment system. After passing through MBDAF® system for removing suspended solid. Then the water will be pumped into the ultra-filtration (UF). The UF system can filter the fine particle of suspended solids very well because the filter area has a resolution of 0.02 um. Later on, the water must be disinfected by using ECONOWATT’s ozone water system.


ECONOWATT’s ozone generator has ozone mixing efficiency up to 80%. Ozone is a very strong oxidant and act 3,125 times faster than chlorine. It is commonly used to destroy bacteria, kills viruses, decolorizes and eliminates odors. Ozone is no residue, no carcinogenic and friendly environmental. In the case of raw water sources there are green algae which contain toxin that occur from the disintegration of algae such as Microcystins, Anatoxin-A and Cylindrospermopsin, etc. These toxins are a carcinogen, which ozone is effective in removing these toxins better than chlorine and other disinfection systems.


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