Tap water

     Tap water is water from natural sources such as rivers, pools, groundwater that has been processed to Providing quality water that can be used for consumption. At present, Thailand uses the principle of precipitating tap water production. After that, through the filtering and disinfection system respectively
Natural water sources are divided into 2 types as follows

     1. Surface water, namely water in rivers and canals Lakes and wetland wetland Normally, surface water will be added from rain. And will disappear naturally with volatile crows Flowing into the sea and seeping into the underground.

     2. Subsoil or groundwater means fresh water that is trapped in soil or rock spaces. It also refers to water that flows within the aquifer or below the water table. Sometimes it is useful to distinguish between Sub-surface water that is near and in relation to surface water and surface water in relation to water that is deep in the aquifers Sometimes this type of water is called “Fossil water”

    The cost of tap water treatment is relatively cheaper than recycle water. Because the quality of raw water is cleaner However, due to the current global climate Causing the amount of water from natural water sources to fluctuate And have problems using water during dry weather conditions Water shortages can occur