Waste water means water that contains any unwanted substances or sewage. The contamination of these impurities will cause the water properties to change to a condition that cannot be reused. The contaminants in the waste water are

     Oils, fats, detergents, soaps, insecticides, organic matter that causes putrid and germs for various sources The waste water is enough to be divided into 2 major sources as follows

  1. Waste water from community sources Comes from activities for the livelihood of our people such as dwellings Housing estate, condominiums, hotels, fresh markets, hospitals, etc.

     2. Waste water from industrial activities, namely waste water from the production process of industrial plants Impurities in the waste water are toxic chemicals and heavy metals, including highly concentrated organic substances.

     Process for waste water treatment

     Treating waste water to clean water before discharging Based on various methods, from physical treatment (chemical treatment), chemical treatment (biological treatment), biological (biological treatment), which the method of selection of the treatment method Including treatment technology Must consider the quality of the waste water, the treatment area, as well as the maintenance of the wastewater treatment system In order to reduce or destroy dirt that has been contaminated in the bathroom, including fats, oils, organic substances, inorganic substances, toxic substances, as well as various germs To be disintegrated or reduced to the lowest when it is discharged into the water source anymore