On August 8, 2023

The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) announces the results 15th SME National Awards 2023, Thai Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. received SME Nation Award 2023 and SME Nation Award for 3 consecutive years from Mr. Supattanapong PhanmechaoDeputy Prime Minister of Thailand and Minister of Energy at CDV Ballroom, Crystal Design Center, Bangkok

This year, special awards were given to three categories of SMEs:
1) SMEs who prioritize innovation and have implemented effective innovation management to improve their processes, products, and services.
2) SMEs who adopt the BCG concept as a driver for sustainable growth, considering the impact on society and the environment.
3) SMEs who focus on creating shared values by connecting economic and social values to gain a competitive advantage. This emphasizes long-term sustainable development and aims to add value to shareholders, employees, communities, consumers, and society as a whole.

Out of 709 applicants for this year’s award contest, only 17 entrepreneurs were chosen based on the judging criteria to receive the National Best SME Award. Fortunately, our company was one of the 17 winners.

There is a special award that Thai Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. has received for three consecutive years: the National SME Award. This recognition is meant to instill pride within the company.