Oil & Grease Wastewater

Normally, oil cannot be dissolved in water. Because water has polar properties The oil has non-polar properties. And will float on the water surface


Waste water means water that contains any unwanted substances or sewage. The contamination of these impurities will cause the water properties to change to a condition that cannot be reused

Recycle Water

At present, environmental protection trend has been important. Especially water resources After the great flood And recent water shortage problems Causing many parties to become more alert about water And see the importance of managing water resources more

Tap water

Tap water is water from natural sources such as rivers, pools, groundwater that has been processed to Providing quality water that can be used for consumption. At present, Thailand uses the principle of precipitating tap water production. After that, through the filtering and disinfection system respectively

Water Cooled Chiller

Water Cooled Chiller is a type of water chiller that is cooled by condensers with water. The cooling is transferred to the water side of the condenser and sent to the cooling tower outside the building

Swimming Pool

Circulating water in the pool Is to take the water in the pool through the cleaning process And kill germs Before being paid back into the pool by circulating thoroughly

Water Softener

Soft water is water that has been filtered to remove all hardness. The hardness is a substance such as Ca, Mg mixed in water. The water with high hardness will result in limestone or slag in the machine

R.O. Water

RO water is water that has been filtered by a reverse osmosis device. The principle of filtration is to use membrane as a filter media by compressing water under high pressure through the membrane. Membrane Only water molecules can penetrate the membrane membrane. They are various mineral salts. And suspended particles are filtered away When measuring the dissolved substance, it is approximately 1 mg / l

Food & Vegetable Washing Water

In the food product manufacturing industry, development, upgrade and maintenance of production standards Is considered the heart of business success both internally and internationally. Especially the control that the product must not contain chemical contaminants

Sea Water

A barnacle is the name given to a living creature that lives by attaching to something that is submerged in the sea. The life cycle of the barnacle during the larvae lives as a plankton. When the adult antelope is settled, it remains stationary with objects such as the hulls, stones, piles, legs, oil rigs in the sea